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We at Damian De Goa are committed to providing our customers with the best in class experience. Our sleep area is designed to give families a taste of the comfort, luxury and tranquillity that accompanies a mattress. Our mattresses are a combination of softness and firmness to suit your body contours and ease it from unnecessary strain and offers a deep sense of relaxation. The foam resists strain, fatigue and has a softer surface, greater comfort, support and has utmost durability which can make it last for years.

If your mattresses is giving you discomfort, backaches and sleepless nights full of tossing and turning we have the solution. Our range also includes mattresses which are orthopaedic in nature and support the natural S-shape of the human spine as one sleeps.

Get in touch with us or drop in to experience our large range of luxurious mattresses for yourself. Our sleep specialists will take over by helping you choose mattresses which suit you and your family the best.

Damian de Goa Mattress

High Density PU Mattress

Our PU Mattresses are made of 100% pure, filler free, strong High Density polyurethane mattresses made from various compressions of Foam making it utmost durable as compared to commercial quality foam. It is the highest selling mattresses for regular use.

  • PU Foam is 100% pure with 32 density & 0% filler content.
  • Open Cell Structure for Good Air Circulation.
  • PU Mattresses are extremely light & hygienic. It is not required to be sanitised in the sun.
  • The mattresses are reversible with one side soft foam & other being firm.
  • Available In Medium (4” Medium + 2” Super Soft) and Firm (4” Firm + 2” Medium) Variations.
  • High Density PU Mattresses are available in 3 models viz. Firm, Medium and Soft.
  • They are the most cost effective amongst all the mattresses.
Damian de Goa Mattress

Latex Mattress

Our Latex Mattresses is made up of a combination of Natural & Synthetic rubber. The Latex Mattresses are manufactured in Belgium. The biggest USP is the 5 zone support system which is embedded in the mattress to ensure even body weight distribution.

  • The latex mattresses is very comfortable & highly supportive due to the 5-Zone construction which ensures proper spine alignment.
  • The Latex is naturally hyper–allergenic & can inhibit the growth of bacteria & it’s resistant to dust mites.
  • The entire mattress bares cavities for air circulation making the mattress highly breathable.
  • The mattresses are covered in Anti-dust mite treated fabrics which are removable & machine washable.
  • Resist Strain & Fatigue, Remains cool without heating, Gives a bouncy feel.
Damian de Goa Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

Our Memory foam mattresses are made from the most luxurious cushioning material ever discovered. Memory Foam is temperature sensitive foam that hardens under a cool temperature & softens under heat. These mattresses are made using international technology but changing it to suit the Indian consumers & weather.

  • Resists Stiffness
  • Relieves from Discomfort & Backaches, sleepless nights of Tossing & turning, Strain & Fatigue.
  • Zero-Bounce back property, zero pressure towards the spine.
  • Memory Foam is 100% pure & filler free
  • Body Sensor mattresses are made with Open cell memory foam which ensures more breathability.
  • Memory Foam has unique property to mould itself to the natural spine alignment of the sleeper.
  • The mattresses are covered in Anti-dustmite covers which are removable and machine washable. They need not be sanitised in the sun or maintained.
Damian de Goa Mattress

Gel Mattress

Our Gel mattresses are developed using Gel technology from Bayer, Germany, the only one to offer Tri-dimensional support. This technogel spreads in all direction under weight thus eliminating pressure points & distributing the body pressure evenly across the mattress providing relaxation to every muscle.

  • Its 3-Dimensional Support ensures zero strain to the Spine and a Perfect Alignment for the Body.
  • The Gel is in semi-solid form, it has a unique cooling property which constantly releases body heat thus regulating body temperature, leaving mattress cool & comfortable.
  • They are Orthopaedic mattresses – which gives complete support to Neck, Shoulders & Spine
  • The Gel is Non-Toxic in material & does not breathe in bacteria or react with sweat, which makes it the most hygienic material to sleep on.
  • The mattresses are covered with Anti-dustmite covers which are removable & machine washable.
Damian de Goa Mattress

Ergoshell Mattress Range

The globally patented Ergoshell Mattress is amongst the world’s most advanced sleep system. This technology takes into consideration the differential distribution of body weight when lying down & has hard and soft blocks placed as per Pressure Mapping Devices to ensure perfect spine alignment. This mattress range is divided into 3 layers- The mattress Shell, Support blocks and a comfort layer.

It is available in different options like Ergoshell Latex, Ergoshell Visco (memory foam), Ergoshell Feather, Ergoshell Premium and Ergoshell PU.

  • It is genuinely Orthopaedic mattress which feels extremely comfortable, providing proper alignment to neck, shoulder & spine.
  • It relieves from Discomfort & Backaches, sleepless nights of Tossing & turning, Strain & Fatigue
  • It is customisable to address specific customer requirements.
  • The Mattress shell is made of very dense material that ensures durability.
  • The outer fabrics are Anti Dust mite treated & sanitised.
  • The Material very hygienic.
  • The Foam used is of 100% Purity.